Microbiologist’s Apprentice

QIMR - Berghofer Medical Research Institute


Our natural world is full of yet-to-be-discovered drugs for treating infections and diseases. As a microbiologist’s apprentice, you will delve into nature’s pantry to discover natural antibiotics that can kill bacteria. You will grind up plant materials, culture bacteria and maybe even see some glow!


Liam St Pierre

Liam St Pierre


Liam St Pierre

Liam St Pierre came to QIMR Berghofer as a PhD student in 2002, with a research project identifying new therapeutic drug leads from the venom of Australia’s deadliest land snakes....

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Program is best suited to participants aged 15 and over.
Participants aged 12 to 14 may be admitted if accompanied by a paying adult (children under 12 will not be permitted)
Covered footwear is essential, long hair tied back.
Maximum of 4 places per booking.

School groups are encouraged to contact QIMR Berghofer directly about our Education program offerings



All tickets $10


QIMR - Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Brisbane City, QLD,

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