LOOK OUT TEACHER PROGRAM: ‘Sugar Spin’ Art Meets Science
23 March 2017


Investigate the interplay between art and science within ‘Sugar Spin: you, me, art and everything’, through the lenses of:

* Geraldine Barlow, Exhibition Curator, (Curatorial Manager, International Art QAGOMA)
* Chris Henschke, Melbourne-based Artist, (Lecturer, RMIT)
* Nurin Veis, Human Biology and Medicine Senior Curator, (Manager Science Works, Museum Victoria); and
* Dr Guy Barry, Neuroscientist, (Team Head, Neurogenomics, QIMR Berghofer).

Each speaker will relate their practice to an aspect of ‘Sugar Spin’, highlighting synergies between art and science. The exhibition brings together over 250 artworks from the Gallery’s collection, creating a collision of ideas from across times and cultures.

This is an event for teachers of STEM and Art who seek to provide students with project-based learning opportunities that inspire transdisciplinary lines of inquiry and unlock new ways of thinking about how we come to know the world and our place within it.



GOMA, Stanley Place, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Session Times

Look Out Teacher Program: 'sugar Spin' Art Meets Science

23 March 2017

75mins 4:15pm



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