LET’S TALK: Ancient Egyptian Mummies: May They Live Forever

Queensland Museum


Egyptian mummies have captured the public imagination for centuries, as if carrying their spirits through time. Serena Love will explore how and why ancient civilisations created these ‘immortal’ human remains, from naturally made to artificial mummies and all the gruesome details in between. Serena will talk through the evolving techniques of mummification for humans and animals, the surviving textual sources and the rituals of one of ancient Egypt’s most iconic features: the mummy.

Show your Let’s Talk ticket to redeem free entry to Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives exhibition located on Level 3 of the Queensland Museum, directly after the show at 11.40am or 12 noon sessions.

LET’S TALK is presented with support from program partner Inspiring Australia.


Serena Love


Serena Love

Dr Serena Love is an archaeologist and has spent the past 24 years working at various sites in Egypt, Turkey, Israel, and Iraq. Her fascination with archaeology was cultivated from...

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Queensland Museum & Science Centre, Grey Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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