What is KindaThinky? The irreverent theme-driven talk show. There’s more than one way to use a PhD, and this is some of them. KindaThinky rummages in the underpants of society’s hairiest issues. Who sets the limits? How do we know what’s wrong? Is denial just a river in Africa? This is not your standard “smart folks bark facts at the masses” schtick. This is moderate velocity thinkings direct from the people who think them. With expert guests. And beer. With a dedication that leaves no evidence-based stone unturned, KindaThinky unleashes a factopalanche of feelpinions on attractive and courageous* audiences. Need something to talk about at work the next day? KindaThinky is your ticket to morning glory. *You are attractive, you are courageous. Be all you can be. You’re worth it. Meet the Speakers Dr Rod Lamberts is the deputy director of CPAS and has had a strong presence in national and international science communication research and practice for more than 12 years. Rod supervises research students across a large and diverse range of science communication research projects at the Honours, Masters and PhD levels and has been developing and delivering science communication courses since 2000. He is also CPAS's science communication consultant for UNESCO in the Pacific Islands, and is regularly sought out to conduct research, evaluation and training projects across numerous areas of science communication in the government and higher education sectors. Co-host of KindaThinky.com. Dr Will Grant is a talker, writer, thinker and reader, based primarily at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at ANU. His talking/writing/thinking/reading has focused mostly on the intersection of science, politics and society, and how this is changing in response to new technologies. Co-host of KindaThinky.com.