THE HATCHERY: Turtle Conservation Experience (2017)
24 March 2018
Level 2, Queensland Museum


The annual hatching of turtles at World Science Festival is one of our most popular activities, providing a rare opportunity to experience nature’s miracle up close and personal.

Designed in collaboration with internationally renowned Herpetologist Dr Colin Limpus and under the watchful eye of Reptile Curator Patrick Couper, this extraordinary conservation initiative follows the initial stages of life, from incubation to hatching, live at the Festival. The newborn turtles will then be transported to the Sunshine Coast and released 20km off the Mooloolaba coast where they will ride the Eastern Australian Current past the northern tip of New Zealand and on to the coasts of Chile and Peru.

VIP Package holders will enjoy exclusive access and a guided tour of The Hatchery as part of their weekend program.

To ensure the welfare of the turtle hatchlings, The Hatchery Project was reviewed and approved by Queensland Museum’s Animal Ethics Committee. The policy, and information on how the committee makes decisions can be viewed online at the Queensland Museum’s website.




Queensland Museum & Sciencentre, Grey Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Session Times

The Hatchery: Turtle Conservation Experience (2017)

24 March 2018

0mins 8:00am



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