Meet the speakers

Best known to the general public as a judge on The New Inventors, Bernie Hobbs is an award-winning science writer and broadcaster with ABC Science Online. Originally form Brisbane, Bernie is currently based at ABC Ultimo and if you live in Australia you no doubt hear Bernie on ABC Radio National and Local and read her science stories online. University of the Sunshine Coast’s Dr Dave Schoeman, is a quantitative ecologist whose research focuses on identifying and quantifying ecological consequences of climate change, and on designing strategies to minimise the loss of ecosystem services. Dr Guy Williams background is in observational polar oceanography, focusing on dense shelf water formation in the coastal polynyas of East Antarctica and its role in the production of Antarctic Bottom Water. Dr Williams’ new work is developing a new unmanned aerial vehicle project to work in concert with the underwater vehicles for to map Antarctic sea ice from above and below. Dr Rob Massom has 35 years’ experience in sea ice research, both in the Arctic and Antarctic and on 14 international marine science cruises. Following a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship with NASA (USA), he joined the Antarctic CRC in 1992 and AAD in 2006, and is co-leader/leader of the ACE CRC/AAD Sea Ice Processes and Change group. His research focus is sea ice and snow physics, remote sensing, and analytical synthesis of sea ice and other data to assess polar sea-ice change/variability, its causes and impacts. To this end, his work is strongly cross-disciplinary and collaborative. Publications include 3 textbooks on satellite polar remote sensing, and 8 book chapters and 69 peer-reviewed papers on wide-ranging topics. Julienne Stroeve studies the decline of the Arctic Sea ice cover with the goal of understanding how a seasonally ice-free Arctic will impact climate in the Northern Hemisphere. She is a research scientist with the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado and specializes in reading data gathered by satellite and other remote measuring tools. Julienne Stroeve appears with thanks to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. She has participated in several field campaigns in Greenland and the Arctic to validate various geophysical parameters retrieved from spacecraft such as sea ice concentration, surface temperature and surface reflectivity. Dr. Stroeve holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Colorado where she focused on surface energy balance studies of the Greenland ice sheet using satellite imagery.