Films: Androids,What’s Inside, Odd Squad, Now You Know Screening times: Thursday 10 March -  Sunday 13 March , every hour from 10am – 2pm Annedroids is a science-based action-adventure series for 6-9 year olds. It follows 11-year old genius and kid-scientist Anne, who loves nothing more than doing cool experiments. Anne has invented and built her own amazing androids to help her out. Far more than mere 'robots' (simple machines that can only perform single tasks), Annedroids are thinking, feeling creations with curious, endearing personalities. Thanks to their insatiable curiosity, Anne's experiments always lead to unforeseen complications, hijinks, and misadventures. One day, new kid on the block, Nick, discovers Anne's secret junkyard laboratory. Nick enlists the help of Shania, his slightly eccentric neighbour, and they soon befriend Anne and her mechanical companions. Nick and Shania have uncanny ways of figuring out the real-life solutions to Anne's scientific problems. Needless to say, when two girls, one boy and three androids join forces, excitement and discovery follow. Watch the trailer: Odd Squad is a live-action comedy about two kids, Agent Olive and Agent Otto, who work for a government agency run by kids in suits who are equipped with the world's most advanced and unpredictable gadgetry. Whenever anything strange, unusual or just plain nuts (including giant nuts falling out of the sky) happens, it's Odd Squad's job to put things right again. Odd Squad has a fun, goofy, irreverent style that includes sight gags, one-liners, absurd situations and plenty of slapstick. Embedded in each episode is a math concept aimed at kids in grades 1-2. For example, in one episode, Olive and Otto are called-on to help a pizza delivery lady who keeps doubling herself. In the process of helping her, Olive and Otto also explore and learn what happens when you double a number. Odd Squad is a fun and engaging way for kids to become familiar with, and master, key math concepts and operations. Watch the Odd Squad trailer: Ever wonder what's inside a fan? A cell phone? What about a stapler? What's Inside? answers those very questions! From winter coats to bicycles to blenders and oranges, each interstitial explores what's inside the objects we use every day! Using stop-motion animation to unique fast-paced music, What's Inside? unveils the many different parts of an item by breaking them down piece-by-piece - until every last screw has been pulled, and spring has been released, captivating early engineering curiosity in children age 4 to 7 in the process! Watch the Whats Inside trailer: Now You Know is an entertaining and engaging original series for kids 4-6. It enhances natural curiosity and promotes play-based learning by seeking answers to questions preschoolers ask about science, nature and the world around them. The series combines puppetry, animation and live-action with segments shot on location, featuring high profile personalities and experts. Now You Know explores science, nature, music, dance and language in order to educate and entertain. Watch the Now You Know trailer: