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Imagine you are a Forensic Scientist who uses your skills to help identify soldiers from a WWI battlefield in France or soldiers who died on the Kokoda Track defending Australia in WWII.   In the Forensic Scientist’s Apprentice session, apprentices will do similar tasks, helping to solve crimes and identify missing persons or victims of disasters.  New technology is revolutionising how cases are solved, such as DNA left by an offender being used to produce a ‘genetic mugshot’ of a suspect.  This Apprentice Program will explore some of the forensic operational work and research being performed by Griffith University staff and students.  It combines science, history and crime, and touches on the humanitarian response to human tragedy.

– Capacity limit of 25 per session.
– Participants must be aged 15 and over.
– Covered footwear is essential.
– School and international study groups* must be accompanied by a teacher.
* Basic scientific English language skills are essential.


Kirsty Wright


Kirsty Wright

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Griffith University, Nathan Campus, Nathan, Queensland, Australia

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