Festival Walking Tour: River Listening – Night tour
12 March 2016


Meeting point details: The River Listening Walking Tour departs the River Listening tent (located next to the Festival Lab venue) at 6:45pm on Saturday 12 March.

River Listening is an interdisciplinary project exploring the art and science of listening to rivers across the world. Join the River Listening team on a 60-minute guided sound walk along the Brisbane River to learn about the project and explore aquatic soundscapes geo-located throughout the Southbank Parklands. To experience the River Listening installation you will need a mobile device and headphones to use the free app Recho. Participants will also have the opportunity to listen to a live hydrophone in the Brisbane river.

Before you embark on your evening River Listening walk,  pop into the Festival Lab located at the South Bank Cultural Forecourt for River Listening Live at 5:30pm-6:30pm. Join internationally renowned artists and scientists Dr. Leah Barclay, Dr. Simon Linke and Dr. Toby Gifford to learn about the project and hear an exclusive live performance for World Science Festival.


Please download the free app Recho to your phone to use during the Walking Tour. Further information is available at www.riverlistening.com.

This project is supported by Griffith University.


Session Times

Festival Walking Tour: River Listening – Night Tour

12 March 2016

0mins 6:45pm



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