FESTIVAL LAB: ABC Live Science Podcast – Ockham’s Razor



700 years ago, the English monk and philosopher William of Ockham set down one of the key planks of the scientific method. Today, the ABC podcast Ockham’s Razor is a soapbox for all things scientific: stories, insights, arguments or tributes – anything that can grip an audience by the ears for 10 straight minutes. Join renowned science broadcaster Robyn Williams, ABC science editor Jonathan Webb and a hand-picked roster of speakers for a night of short talks that will intrigue, excite and inspire.

This is an 18+ event. This venue is licensed. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. The Queensland Museum Network supports the responsible consumption of alcohol at all events.



Jonathan Webb


Jonathan Webb

Jonathan Webb is a lapsed neuroscientist and a former BBC science reporter, now running the science unit at ABC Radio National. He hails from Adelaide but more recently spent 10...

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Robyn Williams


Robyn Williams

Robyn Williams is a science journalist and broadcaster resident in Australia who has hosted a variety of programs on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) including Ockham's Razor and the Science...

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