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How much does the internet weigh? What is the science behind Facebook? Are cats taking over the world?

Find the answers to these questions and more at Fact or Fiction Web of Intrigue – a big screen experience where the World Wide Web collides with cutting-edge science.

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation in Sydney is bringing an esteemed panel of expert scientists to Townsville. With a hilarious host we will discuss the fact and fiction behind internet shopping, viral videos, the science of selfies and much more as we countdown the top 10 reasons people use the internet.

In this interactive 90 minute show you are part of the action, using your own smart device to answer live questions and vote to help us separate the actual science fact from the pure science fiction. Fact or Fiction appeals to all audiences as a highly entertaining and educational show, reaching beyond those interested in science by providing a big dose of pop-culture.



70-102 Flinders Street, Townsville

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