Documentary Double: Space
11 March 2016


Join us for the screening of two powerful and fascinating documentaries exploring the world of space.

GPS: A Global War (52 mins)
Global positioning systems have transformed our way of life. We rely on them for everything from navigation to measuring changes in sea levels and tracking money. Who provides the signal? How do they do it and at what cost? Is GPS empowering us or paving the way for a ‘Big Brother’ state?At the moment, GPS is dependent on US satellites.

If America were ever to ‘switch off’ the signal, it could bring down the entire economy of continents and render all our complicated weapons useless. In this documentary, we examine the wonderful world of geolocation – its future uses, those who promote it and those who are worried about its implications for society.

The screening of this documentary begins at 2pm.

Zero Gravity: A Mission in Space (52mins)
Ø GRAVITY is a 52’ documentary following two young astronauts, the German Alexander Gerst from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the American Greg Reid Wiseman of NASA, during their first trip in space.

Follow their training and get on board with them to discover their day to day life above us with exceptional images shot inside the International Space Station.

The screening of this documentary begins at 3pm.

Documentary Double: Space is proudly presented in conjunction with the State Library of Queensland.


Session Times

Documentary Double: Space

11 March 2016

0mins 2:00pm



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