Documentary Double: Mathematics
11 March 2016


Join us for the screening of two powerful and fascinating documentaries exploring the world of mathematics.

Mapping the Future: The Power of Algorithms (52 mins)
In the last few years, the data stream flowing through the internet has turned into a tsunami: Ninety percent of the information sitting on the world’s servers was created in the last two years.

This total digitization opens up completely new possibilities. Suddenly, our entire lives can be modelled mathematically – and become predictable. We show how predictive analytics is being used today and ask how our lives will change if our future becomes computable.

The screening of this documentary will begin at 10am.

The Joy of Logic (60 Mins)
A sharp, witty, mind-expanding and exuberant foray into the world of logic with Computer Scientist Dave Cliff. Following in the footsteps of the award-winning The Joy of Stats and its sequel, Tails You Win – The Science of Chance, The Joy of Logic takes viewers on a new Wingspan roller-coaster ride through philosophy, maths, science and technology all of which, under the bonnet, run on logic.

Wielding the same wit and wisdom, animation and gleeful nerdery as its predecessors, this film journeys from Aristotle to Alice in Wonderland, Sci-Fi to Supercomputers to tell the fascinating story of the quest for certainty and the fundamentals of sound reasoning itself.

The screening of this documentary will begin at 11am.

Documentary Double: Mathematics is proudly presented in conjunction with the State Library of Queensland.


Session Times

Documentary Double: Mathematics

11 March 2016

0mins 10:00am



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