Meet the Speakers

Dr Rob has a Bachelor of Science with Honours and a PhD in materials chemistry from the University of Queensland. He works as a Science Education Officer for CSIRO and hosts the Network Ten kids science show: SCOPE. Jeremy Ameer-Beg began work with Australia Zoo as a general keeper in the Crocs & Reptiles department in August 2009. His top three favourite animals at the zoo are Rhino a Rhino Iguana, Coconut a Aldabran Tortoise and Leroy a King Brown Snake. Jeremy chose this career as he is passionate about conservation and teaching people how they can help. Artur B. Chmielewski likes building robot spacecraft for NASA/JPL.  He worked on missions to other planets, asteroids, the Sun and most recently to a comet moving at 65,000 km/h.  He also built a huge inflatable antenna to image the event horizon of a black hole form space.  However, his most fun job was to design a telescope that could give us a picture of a planet orbiting a star.  Such a telescope had to be the size of the Suncorp Stadium and … we would need 27 of them orbiting Earth! In his two years at NASA Headquarters, he managed the space experiments program In-STEP. He has degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science from University of Michigan and USC. Scott Hocknull is a vertebrate palaeoecologist, passionate science communicator and 3-D digitisation and virtual technology advocate and practitioner in the museum community. He has over 20 years of experience in palaeontology having published his first paper aged 16, at the time Australia’s youngest scientific author. Scott has developed numerous multifaceted projects that bring together industry, philanthropy, multidisciplinary science and local communities to form long-term projects in palaeontology. Senior Sergeant Donna Stewart undertook studies in Biomedical Science in 1998 with a Master of Science (Forensic Science) in 2001. She was sworn into the Queensland Police Service in January 2002 and after three years working in general duties moved into Forensics. With over ten years’ experience working as a Forensic Scientist, Donna has conducted over 1600 forensic examinations in homicide investigations - including recent events and cold cases.  Her area of specialisation is Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Crime Scene Examination and Reconstruction.