BRAIN FOOD BREAKFAST SERIES: 3D Printing for Medical Treatment with Associate Professor Mia Woodruff
23 March 2017


Rise and shine – it is time to feed your brain and your belly! Before the working day begins, join us at Festival Lab for a series of entertaining and enlightening science stories while enjoying a delicious breakfast.

The Brain Food Breakfast series provides a casual setting for our guest scientists to share their knowledge and experiences of science, and gives you a glimpse into what makes their scientific hearts sing.

BRAIN FOOD BREAKFAST SERIES: Biofabrication – Customising medical treatment using 3D printing with Associate Professor Mia Woodruff

3D Printing has taken the world by storm but the impact in the medical field has yet to be fully realised. Recent biological advances in biofabrication may one day reduce or eliminate the need for tissue donors. Associate Professor Mia Woodruff will discuss biofabrication and share her cutting edge research, which aims to improve quality of life for birth defect, cancer and trauma sufferers.

This event is part of the Brain Food Breakfast Series.


Session Times

Brain Food Breakfast Series: 3d Printing For Medical Treatment With Associate Professor Mia Woodruff

23 March 2017

60mins 7:30am



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