APPRENTICE PROGRAM: Geneticist’s Apprentice (2017)

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute


The Apprentice Programs are small, hands-on workshops in which scientists, technologists, and innovators educate curious minds on the workings and wonders of their chosen fields. Combining biology, chemistry and physics, biomedical scientists examine the genetic and environmental causes of disease to deliver better prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Apprentices will don a lab coat at world-leading medical research institute, QIMR Berghofer and learn how to analyse DNA and trace the inheritance of genetic material.

Please note each session is limited to 24 apprentices. Participants must be aged 15 and over and covered footwear is essential.


Liam St Pierre


Liam St Pierre

Dr Liam St Pierre came to QIMR Berghofer as a PhD student in 2002, with a research project identifying new therapeutic drug leads from the venom of Australia’s deadliest land...

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QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, 300 Herston Road, Brisbane QLD 4006

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