Trinket The Robot (2020)
28-29 March 2020


Join an inventor, Dr Doovalacky, who with the help of his assistant, a green caterpillar named Gizmo, sets out to build a robot. But this will be no ordinary robot, Trinket will have the ability to have feelings like a ‘real’ human. They help Trinket to learn about the world, but it quickly becomes complicated and Dr Doovalacky finds himself losing control of his own creation.

Trinket learns that to become human is to not only feel wonder and joy, but also to feel other emotions like anger, fear and the sadness of having to say goodbye to someone when you are not ready to. Having feelings is not easy and to be alive means making difficult choices.


Little Wing Puppets

Little Wing Puppets


Little Wing Puppets

Since 2006, Little Wing Puppets have performed their shows to thousands of children in every state and territory of Australia, as well as overseas. They’re driven by the love of...

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What you get
Lots of free stuff starting in the morning and into the night
Are you old enough
Yes! Its for all ages 0 – 100
Can I buy food?
Yes choose from one of our many food outlets or pack a picnic lunch. We will also have water stations available to refill your bottles
This is an outdoor event and the World Science Festival Brisbane ensures that its venues are as physically accessible as possible. The precinct is relatively flat with a mix of grass and paved surfaces. To discuss your access requirements and to book any access services for performances, please call the World Science Festival Brisbane 07 3840 9103.
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Free, Non Ticketed


THE OSMOSIS STAGE - MAIWAR GREEN, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Session Times

Trinket The Robot (2020)

28 March 2020

45mins 9:00am


Trinket The Robot (2020)

29 March 2020

45mins 2:15pm



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