Pandemic – The Race for a Cure (Primary School)
24 March 2021
Playhouse, QPAC


The year 2020 was a very important year for all the wrong reasons!  School lessons moved back home, holidays got called off, workers stopped going to the office, people stopped travelling, and lots of people around the world got COVID-19. Why did all of that happen? How did the illness spread, why was it so important for us to stay at home, and how can each one of us make a huge difference to stop the spread of disease?

Find out at Pandemic – The Race for a Cure, and learn why washing your hands and wearing a mask are the best defense you have against microscopic viruses. Best of all, you get to hear from the very scientists fighting the war against COVID-19.

Pandemic – The Race for a Cure presented with QPAC.


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Pandemic - The Race For A Cure (primary School)

24 March 2021

45mins 10:45am



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