The Language of the Universe (Primary School)
24 March 2021
Concert Hall, QPAC


Ever wondered how the universe works? Whether it is telecommunications, staying on your bike, colliding galaxies, or the Big Bang; physics is the science that describes how the universe – and everything in it – works. Join us for a journey through space and time as we explore physics from the very big (colliding galaxies and supermassive black holes) through to the very small (lasers and the coldest temperatures in the universe). Hear from world leading physicists and learn how astronomers studying the universe, magnetically levitating trains, and lasers are all linked by the same laws of physics.

The Language of the Universe is presented with QPAC.



Tamara Davis

Tamara Davis


Tamara Davis

Astrophysicist Tamara Davis studies the elusive “dark energy” that’s accelerating the universe. She’s measured time-dilation in distant supernovae, helped make one of the largest maps of the galaxies in the...

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Physics / Technology


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Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Age Recommendation

Students - grades 3 to 6

Session Times

The Language Of The Universe (primary School)

24 March 2021

60mins 1:00pm



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