The Future of Conservation: The Complexity of Assisted Species Migration



As the environment continues to change due to a warming planet, what effect is this having on conservation areas and if species need to be moved to safeguard survival, what needs to be considered? Rhianna Patrick discusses the complexity of conservation and assisted species migration with Queensland Chief Scientist and respected conservationist, Professor Hugh Possingham and others.


Rhianna Patrick

Rhianna Patrick


Rhianna Patrick

Rhianna Patrick is a Torres Strait Islander media professional with over twenty years experience working across radio, tv, news and current affairs. After a long career at the ABC and...

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Hugh Possingham

Hugh Possingham


Hugh Possingham

Professor Hugh Possingham became Queensland Chief Scientist in September 2020. He is a conservation scientist and mathematician who has held positions in the university, public and not-for profit sectors. He...

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Threatened species: Queensland's vanishing wildlife

Queensland has many different types of native plants and animals. Each is known as a species. Some of our species have disappeared forever – they have become extinct, meaning they have not been located in the wild during the last 50 years. Others are threatened – they are in danger of becoming extinct if no effort is made to conserve them.

Threatened Species

There are nearly 1000 threatened species in Queensland alone, and the extinction of these species has the potential to disrupt whole ecosystems. In this resource you will examine a threatened Queensland animal, and create a Queensland Museum exhibit explaining why this species is threatened, and what you can do to help protect it.

Contains curriculum links to:
Years 4, 5, 6, 7, 9

Staying Alive: Australian Animal Adaptations

In this activity, students investigate how adaptations support survival in specific habitats. They consider the living and non-living (biotic and abiotic) conditions of five Queensland habitats and suggest general adaptations that would assist survival in these locations.

Contains curriculum links to:
Year 5




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