The Circle of Life (Primary School)
25 March 2021
Concert Hall, QPAC


What do an ant, a whale, bacteria and a forest all have in common? They’re all connected by the circle of life. Join three of the world’s leading biologists for a journey from the most basic forms of life in the universe and see how through the circle of life they are connected to the most complex example of life ever known – you!

The Circle of Life is presented with QPAC.


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Curriculum links

Extra Resources

Camouflage Master: Lifecycles

Get up close and experience first-hand the different life cycle stages of the Goliath Stick Insect!

Contains curriculum links to:
Year: 4


Growth and Survival of Living Things: Managing Microorganisms and Pests at the Museum

In this activity you will investigate how environmental conditions may be modified to prevent the growth and survival of microorganisms.

Contains curriculum links to:
Year: 6

Animal Survivor

In this resource you will analyse the features of an animal and relate the to its survival success – how will the survive if conditions were to change?

Contains curriculum links to:
Years: 5, 6, 9


Student $10


Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Age Recommendation

Students - grades 3 to 6

Session Times

The Circle Of Life (primary School)

25 March 2021

60mins 1:00pm



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