Space Designers
10 March 2022


Students will explore the exciting world of space design, and how these advancements are all about smart engineering, innovative design and big picture thinking! In this interactive workshop students will work through a series of challenges aimed at designing, problem-solving, and creating in the exciting world of space.   

Recommended for school students in Years 3 – 6.

This program addresses key curriculum, including Year 3 (ACSSU048, ACSHE050), Year 4 (ACSSU075, ACSHE061, ACSHE062), Year 5 (ACSSU078, ACSHE081, ACSHE083), Year 6 (ACSHE098, ACSHE100).   


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Supporting Learning Resources

Space Exploration: Community of Inquiry

In this activity, students participate in a community of inquiry to consider the implications of human space travel. This process gives students an opportunity to come to a full, shared understanding of the concepts and issues around human space travel.

Contains curriculum links to:
Years 5, 7
Earth Space

Beyond Earth: Colonising Space

In this persuasive writing task, students determine where humans should create the first space colony, using prior learning and research to justify their decisions.

Contains curriculum links to:
Year 5
Earth Space 

Beyond Earth: Shelter from the Elements

In this activity, students develop a shelter to protect humans from the hostile conditions on other planets.

Contains curriculum links to:
Year 5
Earth Space


$10 per student


The Edge, State Library of Queensland, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Age Recommendation

Years 3 - 6

Session Times

Space Designers

10 March 2022

60 mins 11:00am



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