Science of Change, Life & Explosions (High School)
26 March 2021
Concert Hall, QPAC


You and everything you touch is made up of atoms. But how do all the building blocks of the universe stick together to make the Earth and everything on it?

See three of Australia’s leading chemists explore all the ways atoms and molecules interact, and learn why DNA looks like a spring, why bombs explode, and much, much more. Not only will you learn how the world works, you’ll see fire, hear bangs, and witness every chemical reaction you can imagine and some that you can’t! This is one event you won’t want to miss.

Science of Change, Life & Explosions is presented with QPAC.


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Curriculum Links

Extra Resources

Introduction to Ocean Acidification

In this resource you will conduct a simple experiment and complete a design challenge to learn more about carbon dioxide and the ocean.

Contains curriculum links to:
Years: 9, 10
Biology / Chemistry

Cleaning by Chemical Reaction

In this activity students clean a piece of silverware using the Electrolysis of Silver technique which covers redox reactions, reactivity of metals, rates of reaction, catalyst, and presence of an electrolyte.

Contains curriculum links to:
Years: 10

STEM Video: Chemical Reactions

This video with Ellen King, Process Engineer, Shell’s QGC business, demonstrates chemical reactions in a real-world application

Contains curriculum links to:
Years: 8, 9


Student $10


Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Age Recommendation

Students - grades 7 to 10

Session Times

Science Of Change, Life & Explosions (high School)

26 March 2021

60mins 10:00am



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