IGNITING THE MAGIC OF CHEMISTRY: Chemical Transformations and Perplexing Reactions (Years 7-12)
10 March 2022
Playhouse, QPAC


With a BING, BANG, and KA-BOOM come and see how chemistry impacts the world around us.

In this colourful (and loud!) stage show, students will join QUT’s leading chemistry experts who will unravel the mysteries of the atom, explore molecular interactions and understand the many different behaviours of matter—be they solids, liquids or gas!

Moderated by award winning science writer and presenter Bernie Hobbs this program is recommended for school students in grades 7-12.

IGNITING THE MAGIC OF CHEMISTRY: Chemical Transformations and Perplexing Reactions is presented with program partners QPAC.

This program addresses key curriculum, including: Year 4 (ACSIS068, ACSIS071), Year 5 (ACSSU077, ACSIS231, ACSIS093), Year 6 (ACSIS232, ACSIS110), Year 7 (ACSIS124, ACSIS133), Year 8 (ACSSU225, ACSIS139, ACSIS133), Year 9 (ACSSU177, ACSSU178, ACSSU179), Year 10 (ACSSU187), Senior Syllabus: Chemistry Unit 1 & 2.


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The health and safety of our visitors and staff at the Queensland Museum and World Science Festival Brisbane is our priority.  All World Science Festival Brisbane events in 2022 will operate in a COVID safe manner, following health advice from the Queensland Government.

Supporting Learning Resources

SparkLab Mix Master

In this challenge, use household items available to predict and observe what happens when you combine chemicals and become a mix master.

Contains curriculum links to:
Prep, Years 1, 5, 8 

Investigating Ocean Acidification: Student Investigations

In this activity, students investigate the impacts of carbon dioxide on the marine environment.

Contains curriculum links to:
Years 9, 10

Earth Space

Cleaning by Chemical Reaction

Learn how Museum Conservators clean silver artefacts using chemistry instead of abrasive polishing which removes a layer of silver from the object.

Contains curriculum links to:
Year 10


$10 per student


Playhouse, QPAC, Corner Grey and Melbourne Streets, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Age Recommendation

Years 7 - 12

Session Times

Igniting The Magic Of Chemistry: Chemical Transformations And Perplexing Reactions (years 7-12)

10 March 2022

60mins 1:00pm



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