Genetic Engineer’s Apprentice (2020)
26 March 2020
Translational Research Institute


Did you ever know that doctors can cure diseases by replacing bad genes with good Genes? In genetic engineering, researchers try to supply copies of healthy genes to cells with changed or missing genes so that the “Healthy genes” will take over. Plasmids are used as vehicles to carry these healthy genes into the targeted cells of living beings. Come to TRI and meet Professor Jyotsna and Scientists to learn about “Genes” and how “Bad Genes” cause diseases in you. Next, you will get hands-on experience in changing/replacing one’s bad genes with healthy genes and insert them in to cells, to build resistance and fight “deadly diseases”.

– Capacity limit of 30 per session
– Participants must be aged 15 and over
– Covered footwear is essential
– School and international study groups* must be accompanied by a teacher
– Basic scientific English language skills are essential.


Jyotsna Batra

Jyotsna Batra


Jyotsna Batra

Jyotsna Batra is Associate Professor and NHMRC Career Development Fellow at the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland, QUT. She studied Biochemistry towards a Master’s degree and obtained her PhD in...

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Student $10


37 Kent Street, Woolloongabba, Queensland, Australia

Session Times

Genetic Engineer’s Apprentice (2020)

26 March 2020

90mins 12:00pm



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