Future Foods



This fun and interactive workshop is designed to look at some of the challenges facing our global community when it comes to the production, distribution and consumption of food.

Exploring topics ranging from vertical farming to lab-grown meats, 3D printed foods and more, this session is great for students looking to extend their thinking and solve some global challenges.



BOP Industries

BOP Industries

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BOP Industries

BOP Industries is a Brisbane based technology and education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of Digital Creators. By helping bring entrepreneurship, innovation and STEAM (Science, Technology,...

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Who can attend?

The workshop is prepared for kids in Years 4 to 8. Kids will be working in groups of four people. Parents will be welcome to wait in the hall located inside The Edge, or at the back of the venue. Parents will be required to sign in and out their kids if not sitting at the back of the venue.



Patrons with special access needs – learn more.



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Supporting Learning Resources

Finding Solutions: It’s A Marathon

In this activity, students create biodegradable and edible water ‘bottles’ made from brown algae. There are six parts to this activity, which include: preparing materials; the edible water ‘bottle’ experiment; elements, compounds and mixtures; ions and chemical reactions; design evaluation; and, future solutions.


$10 per student


The Edge, State Library of Queensland, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Age Recommendation

Years 4 - 8

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