Beyond Einstein: Mysteries of Space & Time (2020)



With his general theory of relativity, Einstein unleashed space and time, revealing that they warp and curve in the service of the gravitational force. Einstein’s Nobel Prize, however, was awarded for his groundbreaking work leading to quantum mechanics–an astoundingly successful framework for understanding the microworld but one whose portrayal of reality Einstein found increasingly unnerving.

In 1935, Einstein thought he had finally found the theory’s Achilles heel — a feature known as quantum entanglement in which distant objects can act as though they are one, something Einstein characterized as “spooky.” Yet in the decades since, experiments have not only confirmed quantum spookiness, but now, a bold new proposal suggests that quantum entanglement may stitch the very fabric of spacetime itself.

Join world-renowned physicist Brian Greene on a journey to unravel the deepest mysteries of relativity, quantum mechanics, space and time.

Einstein and the Quantum: Unravelling the Mysteries of Space and Time is presented in association with World Science Festival (New York).


Brian Greene

Brian Greene

Performer, Moderator

Brian Greene

Brian Greene is professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University and is widely regarded for a number of groundbreaking discoveries in mathematical physics and superstring theory, including the co-discoveries...

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