That’s a wrap!

We had a blast celebrating the biggest questions in science with some of the world’s greatest minds! Relive all the great memories with our 2021 highlights video.


Online content

The fun continues online in 2021! This year we launched incredible online content available for you to view all year round. So tune in from the comfort of your own home, school or workplace to keep celebrating science.
Free online conversations

Why can’t I own a piece of the moon? Why is tripping trending in medicine again?

If you’re feeling the post festival blues, catch some of our most interesting conversations from the comfort of your own home with free, online conversations.

Cool Jobs

Who’s got the coolest job in the world? Find out with our online series Cool Jobs. We sat down with animators, palaeontologists, marine biologists and more to discuss their careers and why your students might want a job just like them!

Audio Tours

We’re proud to present two very special audio trails for your listening, and wandering pleasure. These trails have been developed with local Indigenous leaders and community members – their stories create a beautiful audible adventure through local histories and soundscapes.

Science Revealed

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads that lead to a chance encounter? What if that moment leads to an amazing discovery? In this WSFB podcast, Dr Rob Bell takes 5 minutes with 5 fascinating experts and discovers their ‘sliding doors’ moment.

Snaps from the festival

Loggerhead turtles in The Hatchery

WSFB painting the town red

Science and juggling!

Virtual Reality

The Nucleus

Learning about spiders!

Schools Day

WSFB Education program

Dr Karl joins us for Science Live

Our 2021 Education Program

Exploring the lighter side of science

Conversations, talks and more!

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