Colour Me Beautiful

Created by: Tine Bech Studio

Country: United Kingdom

Featuring five colourful runways leading to a vivid portrait landscape on a large LED screen, COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL invites the public to play and interact. The interactive installation captures images of audience members on each of the five runways; live posting them onto a large screen – colouring you beautiful. This large‐scale physical and digital installation invites people of all ages to walk the runway, strike a pose and be captured in a bright maze of colour.

About the Creators

Tine Bech Studio merges art and design with innovative use of play and technology to create stunning public art artworks and socially interactive places. Our projects actively engage people to create positive interaction. We believe that, despite living in an age that seems to offer unlimited forms of digital communication, we still fundamentally crave human connection – to find expression in community and in dialogue.

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