Activity Providers

  • Digi Dino Discovery Trail with QM Project DIG

    Ever wondered what a dinosaur would look like stomping through the Arbour at South Bank?  Follow in the footsteps of the prehistoric creatures that roamed Australia millions of years ago.  Follow the QR codes dotted throughout City of Science and go on an exciting journey of digital dinosaur discovery.  Meet Queensland Museum’s favourite dinosaurs such as the armoured dinosaur Kunbarrasaurus or Australia’s answer to Velociraptor, Australovenator. Meet dinosaurs, megafauna and ancient creatures in life-size through augmented reality.  If you stand still, you can even take a photo with them!  Look out for the Digi Dino Discovery Trail signage when you visit City of Science.  All you need is your phone and a sense of adventure.

    Project DIG is a ground-breaking five-year collaboration between BHP and Queensland Museum Network that will transform how we store, explore and share our collection and research with communities, students and scientists no matter where they are.

  • The Mad Scientist with Brisbane Immersive (Roving Act)

    This mad scientist will delight adults and kids alike as he bounds through the space on his stilts showing off his inventions and telling tales of his discoveries. As well as being a spectacle this performance can engage people in conversations about a wide range of scientific topics. Think Inspector Gadget meets Albert Einstein.

    Brisbane Immersive specialise in interactive, immersive theatre and reality gaming experiences. With a cast of dedicated performers, use of site-specific theatre techniques and incredible attention to detail, the ensemble creates a truly immersive world where you can step back in time, interact with characters, alter the course of the story, and become an entirely different person, if you so choose.

  • Stargazing with Brisbane Astronomical Society

    Do you ever wonder about the stars twinkling above you? Stargazing is the perfect opportunity to explore Brisbane’s beautiful night sky. Brisbane Astronomical Society will provide telescopes for you to explore and identify the stars to unlock the secrets of our observable universe.

    Brisbane Astronomical Society brings together amateur astronomers across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to share and advance their interest in space, telescopes, astronomy and astrophotography.

  • Protect Our Coral Reefs with CoralWatch

    The Great Barrier Reef needs citizen scientists to help collect data on its health. Meet the CoralWatch ambassadors and check out the interactive display featuring real coral skeletons and ceramic art corals, large virtual reef posters, quizzes, colouring in, word games and a virtual swim with turtles in the splendour of the Great Barrier Reef.

    CoralWatch is a non-profit organisation based at The University of Queensland. We integrate global monitoring of coral bleaching with education about coral reef conservation. CoralWatch developed the Coral Health Chart as a simple, non-invasive tool for people to use to monitor coral colour as an indicator or coral health.

  • Energy in Motion – STELR Program with Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)

    As we move towards net zero emissions, we will have to use more sources of renewable energy to power our homes and cars. But what are the best ways to generate power cleanly and efficiently? Discover exciting new sustainable energy technologies including an interactive wind turbine or a solar-powered car.

    Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) is an environmental education centre that provides engaging science, history and geography educational experiences to primary and secondary school students. Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance (STELR) is a hands-on, inquiry-based program built on sustainable energy technologies, to develop science literacy and life-long active learning skills.

  • Dinosaur Discovery with Brisbane Urban Environmental Education Centre

    Discover how trace fossils can be used to provide information about the size and behaviour of long extinct species.

    Brisbane Urban Environmental Education Centre is an environmental education centre in an urban setting that provides engaging science, history and geography educational experiences to primary and high school students.

  • Reef Creature Coding Challenge with The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

    Learn about the challenges facing reef creatures such as dugongs and turtles as they search for food and avoid predators and other threats. Use code to program an Ozobot to model a reef creature and help it travel safely through a maze to find its food source, while avoiding the threats to its survival.

    The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is the Australian Government’s lead management agency responsible for protecting and managing the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The Authority’s vision is for a healthy Great Barrier Reef for future generations.

  • Science of Tunnelling and Future Brisbane with Cross River Rail Delivery Authority

    Learn about the science of tunnelling underneath the Brisbane River with a variety of fun hands-on activities and learn about the future of Brisbane city using our VR experience. Students can also learn about the people who make this project come to life. Never know, you could discover your future career!

    Cross River Rail is a new underground line running under Brisbane that will unlock a bottleneck at the core of our rail network and will transform the way we travel across the whole of South East Queensland.
    It will create four new underground stations through the middle of Brisbane, provide a new above-ground station at the RNA Showgrounds, upgrade six stations between Fairfield and Salisbury, and build three new stations on the Gold Coast.
    Once Cross River Rail is operational, journeys will be quicker, stations will be in more convenient locations, and public transport will be a more viable option for all of us.

  • Stellar STEM with PFi Aerospace

    Explore technology, environmental pollution and leadership skills in three informative and interactive stations run by stellar STEM experts. Engineer Ruth ‘Rocket Woman’ Harrison will discuss space junk and its implications on everyday technology then show you how to build a prototype of a product to remove space junk. Environmental research scientist Dr Kaye Spark will discuss the impact of plastic pollution and plastic free solutions and let you view micro plastics through a microscope. Business Development Manager Megan Badger will discuss leadership and communication skills and work with teams to navigate a sphero through obstacles.

    PFi Aerospace is a small business enterprise that designs and builds low cost, high volume, client customisable rockets. It offers a broad spectrum of advanced manufacturing capability from design and development, rapid prototyping, composite materials, and precision CNC machining. PFi Aerospace are a key enabler of agile manufacturing.

  • Coding with CodeMonkey with Junior Engineers

    When it comes to preparing kids for the future, you’d be bananas not to equip your little monkeys with the 21st century coding skills essential to their generation. CodeMonkey is an award-winning game-based coding course where kids without any prior experience learn to code.

    Junior Engineers are proud to deliver the ultimate experience in coding and robotics for kids! Its programs are designed to teach problem-solving skills, collaboration, ideation and critical thinking through real-world applications and small projects.

  • The Science of Movement with ACU

    Have you ever wondered about the science that goes on behind our movements, like walking, running, jumping, or even kicking a ball? Want to investigate, measure, and improve elite sporting performance? ACU’s experts in exercise, sport and biomedical science will host activities, answer your questions and conduct demonstrations. They might even study your movement and test your agility, strength, and hand-eye coordination.

    Australian Catholic University (ACU) strives for excellence in education and life-changing community engagement. The School of Behavioural and Health Sciences is home to leading practitioners, clinicians, scientists and researchers who are devoted to inspire and engage health science students. The school offers a range of dynamic undergraduate and postgraduate programs in biomedical science, exercise physiology, exercise science, nutrition science and psychology.

  • Radiation Exploration with QARPS (Queensland branch of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society)

    What is radiation? Where does it come from? What is it used for? How do we control it? Find the answers to these questions and more at Radiation Exploration.
    Learn about all things radiation with a suite of experiments and displays for you to try out including (Radio)Activities – measure alpha, beta, and gamma ionising radiation; try different types of radiation shielding; test Faraday cages with non-ionising radiation; see your mobile phone’s wavelength; look at different radioactive sources; learn about common uses of radiation in Queensland, and much more!

    The Australasian Radiation Protection Society Inc (ARPS) is a professional society of members engaged in one or more aspects of radiation protection.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Tabletop Roleplaying Games with Ardacious

    Experience dynamic AR with a demonstration of Ardent Roleplay the first product to bring AR to tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons. Have your photo taken with AR dragons and other fantasy creatures. Experience AR through your mobile device and see AR headsets in action.

    Ardacious creates immersive group experiences for fun and learning with augmented reality. We are a Brisbane-based studio focused on game design and development in the entertainment and education sector, and dynamic activations of physical sites.

  • Science for Citizens with Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA)

    Citizen science is a fun way to participate in research projects with the aim of helping scientists and community groups to increase scientific knowledge. Visit ACSA’s stall to find out how you can join an existing citizen science project or start your own school or community-based project.

    Browse a variety of projects on topics including ecology, biology, astronomy, human health, and marine debris to name just a few. Watch demonstrations on how to use ACSA’s Project Finder to help you find a local citizen science project that’s of interest to you. This stall is suitable for inquisitive people of all ages including school age children, families, scientists, educators and community groups.

    The Australian Citizen Science Association is a member-based incorporated association that seeks to advance citizen science through the sharing of knowledge, collaboration, capacity building and advocacy. Citizen science involves public participation and collaboration in scientific research with the aim to increase scientific knowledge. It’s a great way to harness community skills and passion to fuel the capacity of science to answer our questions about the world and how it works.

  • Soil: Life's Foundation with Soil Science Australia, Queensland Branch

    Discover more about the most amazing thing beneath your feet… soil! Investigate why soils look and behave differently depending on where you live. Conduct an experiment to learn why soil erosion occurs and how it can be stopped. Have some fun testing different soil properties, and most of all, learn that soil is an amazing, fascinating and non-renewable resource.

    The Australian Society of Soil Science Incorporated, known as Soil Science Australia is a not-for-profit, professional association for soil scientists and people interested in the responsible management of Australia’s soil resources. Soil Science Australia supports soil scientists and promotes the importance of soil as a finite resource. Some members are students, some are at the start of their careers while others are highly regarded experts in Australia and internationally.

  • The Young Entrepreneurs Hub - The Young Changemakers of Tomorrow with BOP Industries

    A recent study showed that 8/10 young people wanted to be their own boss, and young professionals were willing to take up to a 30% pay cut to work for a company or a cause that they truly believe in. Generation Z are growing up in a very different world to previous generations and are looking at alternative career pathways that can help make the world a better place.

    In the Young Entrepreneurs Hub, BOP Industries will profile some of the amazing high school students from across Brisbane that are building our businesses of tomorrow. Ranging from 12-17 years of age, these young people are building businesses that are making money while also helping make a difference in their local community as they commercialise their STEM innovations.

    BOP Industries is a Brisbane based education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of young innovators. Educators work with primary and high school students around the world to help them think big and bring their ideas to life. With programs centred around entrepreneurship, innovation, and STEM, BOP Industries is committed to showing young people that their age, postcode or experience isn’t a barrier to making an impact in their community.

  • Catchment Curiosities with Brisbane Catchments Network (BCN)

    If you’ve ever wondered what’s happening in your own backyard the team at Brisbane Catchments Network has created a range of demonstrations and activities for inquisitive nature lovers. Learn how to identify backyard beetles and their larvae while discovering their importance in your garden. Plant your own saplings and small tube stock pots at the planting and propagation table. Check out a multitude of small insects including aphids, ants and bees under the microscope. And explore how water moves throughout our catchments with a creek catchment model.

    Brisbane Catchments Network (BCN) is a partnership, communication and information sharing network of catchment and landcare groups across Brisbane. BCN provides its members with a common voice on sub-regional natural resource management issues, and communicates with all levels of government, community and other stakeholders, across the city and SEQ region. BCN coordinates collaborative on-ground projects across the Lower Brisbane River and associated coastal areas.

  • Butterflies, Bees and Other Insects with Butterfly & Other Invertebrates Club Inc.

    See live butterflies, native bees and many other wonders of the invertebrate world. Look under the microscope. Meet the entomologist. Do you want butterflies in your garden? Come and see what plants you can grow. Discover how to keep stingless native bees in your garden.

    The Butterfly & Other Invertebrates Club Inc. is a Brisbane based community science club, with members from all around Australia and overseas. The Club encourages people to grow host and nectar plants to encourage the expansion of butterfly and invertebrates’ habitats. It provides forums for people to learn about butterflies and other invertebrates, visits schools and clubs giving talks and information sessions, conducts summer butterfly surveys in and around Brisbane and produce a twice-yearly publication, Metamorphosis Australia, for its members to promote research into invertebrates.

  • It's Rocket Science with It's Rocket Science

    Calling all budding scientists, astronauts and space fanatics – connect your curiosity and imagination at this explosive session! Explore the wonders of rockets and space flight, launch your own rocket… all from a simple soda bottle!

    It’s Rocket Science designs, develops, and manufactures aerospace education solutions, now offering proprietary equipment hire, online retail shop, in-person incursions for schools, vacation care/holiday programs, teacher professional development, community STEM outreach, e-learning portal and industry consultancy services across Australia.

  • Finding Ink - the famous Octopus! with Plastic Oceans Australasia

    Put yourself to the test and fish your way through the trash and scary sea monsters to Ink the octopus’ treasure trove. Along the way you’ll learn about plastic waste in our oceans and how you can reduce it. Be ready to talk about all things plastic and oceans.  There’s great prizes on offer!

    Plastic Oceans Australasia is an environmental Non-Government Organisation that focusses on changing the way we deal with plastic waste by challenging society’s perception that this resource can be treated as ‘disposable’. Through education, business sustainability and scientific research, Plastic Oceans Australasia works throughout the region to stem the tide of plastic entering our waterways, landforms, and oceans.

  • The Future of Health with QIMR Berghofer

    In a COVID world, be inspired by the remarkable role of medical research. Be fascinated as you explore the wonder of science, looking at cells, bacteria and viruses under QIMR Berghofer’s powerful microscope. Learn how medical researchers study illness in the human body, working on prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

    QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Queensland’s first medical research institute has worked for 75 years to better the health and well-being of the people of Queensland. As a world-leading research institute in cancer, infectious diseases, chronic disorders and mental health, the Institute seeks to discover, diagnose and deliver better treatments for some of the world’s deadliest diseases. Translating discoveries from bench to bedside and progressing research from hopeful theory to daily reality, to save lives.

  • ImmunoKru: A Cancer ARt Gallery Exclusive with Excite Science

    The ‘Cancer ARt Gallery’ is a series of augmented reality artworks using pop-culture and nostalgic themes to explain cancer biology. Each artwork is a collaborative process between an active cancer researcher and artist, mutually exploring creative expression to form an immersive and memorable experience. At World Science Festival Brisbane, Excite Science will premiere ‘Immunokru’, a limited series of eight artworks delving into the complexity of the human immune system. Here we draw inspiration from the hit series ‘Pokemon’ to embody the cells that are responsible for protecting us against the world’s deadliest diseases.

    Excite Science is an interactive design studio that explains complex science in fun ways. Using immersive products that engage hard-to-reach audiences, we create experiences that educate the community on diverse topics. From escape rooms to extra reality, we invoke nostalgic and pop-culture themes to make scientific content relatable and memorable. This project received funding from the Brisbane City Council Innovation Fund.

  • Fungi Count with FungiMap and Questagame

    Knowledge of Australian fungi is quite patchy, with more unknown than known species, and limited information about the distribution of many known species. The Fungimap/Questagame project Fungi Count 2022 – to be held from 25 February to 15 March – will be your chance to contribute to the discovery of new species of mushroom and help the small army of mycologists learn more about fungi.  Meet the experts and find out more about fungi and how you can contribute to the project.

    Fungimap records and maps fungi in Australia. They spread the word about the essential role of fungi in biodiversity and advocate for fungal conservation and investment in mycology. Fungimap actively engages with citizen science to record fungi and encourage public involvement with this work.

  • Understanding Earth Science with Geological Society of Australia

    Understanding geology is the basis of many earth-based studies, including environmental science and botany to name a few. The Geological Society of Australia (Queensland Division) offers many products and services to assist teachers, students and enthusiasts to better understand geology.

    The Geological Society of Australia is a professional society representing geologists in Australia. Public understanding of geology and its contribution to society is one of the societies aims.

  • Marble Run Madness with Make&Meld

    Explore forces, movement and principles of construction, design and engineering through play and creativity with this interactive and collaborative outdoor marble run experience.

    Make&Meld provides kids with opportunities for hands-on learning across disciplines – melding creative arts and design with principles of science, engineering and maths – all with an emphasis on sustainability and learning by doing!

  • Building Sustainable and Biodiverse Gardens with Natura Pacific Pty Ltd

    Explore an exciting interactive discovery station based around Building Sustainable and Biodiverse Gardens. Gte up close and personal with the worm farm or start your own garden at the self-guided planting station with DIY toilet roll seedling pots and native seeds.

    Natura Pacific is a family-owned Social Enterprise that subsidises school and community education programs with the profits made by the delivery of quality professional environmental services. “We do charity by doing trade”.

  • Race to Escape with Robogals Brisbane

    Code your way to freedom! Have a go coding a Micromelon robot to escape from the claws of the monster chasing you. Navigate through a maze to safety, and maybe a prize will await… if you survive.

    Robogals is a not for profit, outreach organisation aiming to promote diversity in STEM. We run workshop and attend schools throughout SEQ and regional areas to teach coding and robotics classes in order to make science, technology, and engineering more accessible to students of all backgrounds.

  • Achieving a Circular Economy with Steam Powered Kids

    The rise of the global population and the increasing amount of waste is forcing the shift toward a circular economy, which proposes that instead of just throwing away waste, businesses and consumers can use new raw materials to turn waste into resources. This interactive workshop invites participants to explore some great technological innovations that are helping us move away from the ‘take-make-waste’ approach of our current linear economies. Discover emerging new technologies and innovations such as AI, blockchain, iOT, Biopolymers and other innovations helping us move towards a circular economy.

    Steam Powered Kids is a private education company dedicated to providing learning enrichment programs in STEM field subjects. Services include Holiday Camps, STEM courses, Afterschool STEM clubs, Themed workshops, Online Courses, Science parties and Incursions (schools, kindergartens and private venues).

  • Addiction Neuroscience and Obesity with Translational Research Institute

    Gain insight into brain functionality using fun biohacks. Explore how our brains respond to the stress of addictive behaviours such as bingeing on sweet foods.

    The Translational Research Institute (TRI) is an Australian-first initiative of ‘bench to bedside’ medical research. TRI combines clinical and translational research to advance progress from laboratory discovery to application in the community.

  • Robotics with Young Engineers Brisbane North

    Young Engineers’ enrichment programs provide an engaging, hands-on learning experience where students learn about the laws of physics, force of inertia, kinetic energy and the law of action-reaction by simply watching and guiding balls through a maze of machinery.

    Young Engineers is building Tomorrow’s skills Today, by creating a rewarding learning experience for students. By incorporating project-based learning, using hands on exploring, building and inventing, students are able to visualise how things work using LEGO® bricks and motors.

  • Innovation in Science Ideation with Australian School of Entrepreneurship (ASE)

    Do you have an idea that could change the world? The Innovation in Science Ideation Workshops are designed to help young change makers explore the world of STEM and creativity. During the workshop participants will identify global problems and brainstorm an innovative and world changing STEM based solution to solve it. At the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to present your ideas in a ‘Shark Tank’ pitch style format.

    The Australian School of Entrepreneurship is an initiative of The ASE Group – a community-led and purpose driven social enterprise that delivers education, entrepreneurship and employment programs to young people aged 5 to 24 years. Its mission is to equip every young person with the skills, resources and mindset they need to start a micro-business or enter the workforce, regardless of their postcode. More than 101,000 young Australians have participated in ASE programs.

  • Automation Challenge with Micromelon Robotics

    In 2022, Ducky Driving School gets raised up another notch with Micromelon Robotics Automation Challenge. Participants must program their very own Micromelon Rover to collect and deliver items to designated locations as other robots, obstacles and friends move around the town. Can you race your friends to deliver as many items as possible?

    Micromelon Robotics endeavours to provide easy to learn robotics platforms, programs and tools for educators to teach students about STEM, Robotics, Engineering and Industry to better prepare them for the jobs of the future.

  • Design and Fly a Virtual Aircraft with Cool Aeronautics Australia

    Experience the thrill of designing an aircraft, learning about the forces of flight and what happens when you change control surfaces and the centre of mass on your aircraft. This hands-on virtual design activity will take you to the skies. Talk with our aeronautical engineers, aerospace designers, mechanical engineers and pilots to learn more about the exciting world of aerospace.

    Cool Aeronautics is the Royal Aeronautical Society’s (RAeS) STEM outreach program that aims to introduce school children and the public to the fascinating world of flying, aeronautical engineering, and space. 

    The RAeS Australian Division and its six state branches work with other professional organisations, educational partners and industry associates to offer a range of Cool Aeronautics activities in STEM outreach. School visits, interactive activities at community events and day-long events for invited schools aim to spark the imagination of young people and encourage them to consider a future in the aerospace industry.

  • Professor Tech's Awesome Introduction to Extended Reality with The Create Lab

    The intro to awesome (extended reality) exposes participants to extended reality technology through an immersive demonstration. Toast VRs Richie’s Plank Experience and the Jurassic World Apatosaurus provide a 2-3 -minute immersion into virtual reality, teaching participants how this technology works and how it can be used.

    The Create Lab by Professor Tech fosters collaborative research and engagement around technology and education, through engagement with stakeholders including teachers, academics and the general public on the use of innovative technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality and robotics to make a positive difference in society, particular in education.

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