Would you like to be a part of Australia’s biggest science festival? World Science Festival Brisbane (WSFB) is five days of thought-provoking conversations, inspiring theatrical and cinematic experiences, interactive workshops and engaging demonstrations, which explore and celebrate the entanglement of science and art and it’s taking place from March 25 – 29, 2020.

Volunteering at WSFB is an excellent opportunity to learn new things, meet people and discover more about STEM. It’s also a chance to be involved in delivering Australia’s leading science event and share your knowledge and passion with others. Volunteers are integral to the success of our event and we are lucky enough to have hundreds of exceptional people apply and contribute to this exciting and fascinating festival each year.

If you are interested in becoming a part of something special, having lots of fun, networking with like-minded people to make new friends and contributing to the community, apply now to join us as a volunteer!

Be a part of Australia's biggest science festival!

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