8-Bit Brisbane

Created by: Lightweave

Country: Brisbane QLD, Australia

Lurking around the CBD is 8-BIT BRISBANE, a collection of pop-up, retro-styled mini games that open instantly on your smartphone by scanning a QR code.

The games are simple, fun and celebrate a uniquely Brisbane experience. Shoo away the bin chicken or navigate the burning hot pavements of our fine city with bare feet.

There are five games to explore. See if you can find them all. Hint – one of them can be found on an CityCat!


About the Creators

Lightweave is a Brisbane-based game development studio with a primary focus on spatial computing. Lightweave believe they can make dreams a reality through the use of ground-breaking technology. Their world-leading immersive experiences aim to inspire, educate, connect and entertain.

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