2017 Foresight Series: Creating Climate Safe Cities, presented by World Science Festival Brisbane and Arup


RSVP 13 March: Janelle Kennerley  07 3840 7029 or [email protected]

Climate change is real and the impact of not reducing our carbon emissions is devastating. The next four years are critical.


Australia has ratified the COP21 Paris Agreement which came into effect on 4 November 2016 committing Australia to a reduction of 26-28% carbon emissions compared to 2005 levels before 2030.
The next four years are critical. Findings have shown that in order to change the trajectory of carbon emissions enough to deliver on carbon budgets, emissions need to be reduced by around 32% by 2020.

It’s not all bad news. Cities are where the future happens first and will be critical in delivering a climate safe future.

Arup has produced the Deadline 2020 report, which describes the five key areas for cities to reduce their carbon emissions and highlights the essential role of both private industry and national governments in helping cities deliver meaningful action. The five key areas are: urban planning, transit, energy, buildings and waste.

The report provides a detailed pathway of how global cities can play their part in converting the COP21 Paris Agreement from aspiration into reality. The overriding and deeply significant finding of the work is that the next four years will determine whether or not the world’s cities can deliver their part of the ambition of the Paris Agreement.

We can change the trajectory of carbon emissions here in Australia and achieve the carbon emission reduction required to minimise the effects of global warming but we can’t do this in isolation.

The workshop

Arup are working with a number of organisations across Australia to develop the 2017 Foresight Series: Creating Climate Safe Cities workshop and provide a collaborative vision that can achieve real results.

We will be running a series of lead in workshops in Sydney, Townsville, Singapore and Melbourne. The outputs of these workshops will be researched with a summary provided to participants of this workshop. This format has been designed to develop ideas that can be progressed in this workshop and maximise the productivity of the final workshop to be held in Brisbane

We are gathering a group of experts to help us develop a collaborative, achievable road map for significant carbon emissions reductions- creating pathways to a climate safe world. Big change can only be achieved through collaboration and action.

If you cannot participate yourself, we ask that you consider nominating a representative for consideration. When providing this information, please provide a recommendation as to their suitability to participate in the workshop.

The Partnership

Held in New York since 2008, the World Science Festival is one of the most celebrated scientific and cultural events in the world. The Queensland Museum Network holds exclusive license to host the World Science Festival in the Asia Pacific, reinforcing Australia’s position as a knowledge economy and igniting new and challenging discussions in and about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Arup has entered into a three year partnership with the World Science Festival Brisbane as its proud Innovation Partner.  Through our annual Foresight Series, Arup and the World Science Festival Brisbane will be asking some big questions about the world we want to live in – and getting answers.

In 2017, our focus is on how we can create climate ready cities.

Additional Invitation to World Science Festival Brisbane Official Opening

World Science Festival Brisbane officially opens on Wednesday 22 March. As a workshop participant, we would like to invite you to extend your engagement with us by attending the official opening of the festival followed by the Queensland premiere of a A Live Presentation of 2001: A Space Odyssey at QPAC.

Upon confirming your attendance at the workshop, we will be in touch to provide an official invitation to the opening.


We will provide further details about the workshop closer to the date however if you would like to do some background reading here is some information that the workshop will draw from:

Deadline 2020 – How Cities Will Meet the Paris Agreement
Innovating Urban Energy
Drivers of Change
Fact Sheets

Event Details

What: 2017 Foresight Series: Creating Climate Safe Cities, presented by World Science Festival Brisbane and Arup.
When: 9.00-4.00pm, Wednesday 22 March
Where: PwC, Level 22, 480 Queen Street

RSVP 13 March: Foresightseries
Event Contact: Janelle Kennerley on 07 3840 7029 or [email protected]