Last Days of Mephisto – Forensic and Ballistic Science
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10 March 2016 Queensland Museum


Queensland Museum


Queensland Museum & Science Centre, Grey Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


10 March 2016




Chris Little

Chris Little


Chris Little

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Commonly known as “the Mephisto,” this German tank is the only remaining A7V Sturmpanzerwagen from World War 1.

Many people already know Mephisto from encounters at the Queensland Museum as a child but few have experienced the tank from the inside. Even fewer know its ballistic history or have followed its story while trying to solve the mystery behind what happened leading up to its retrieval by Australian troops in July 1918.

Join PHD Candidate Mr Chris Little as he shares the latest developments in advanced 3D scanning technology to create an accurate three dimensional model of the Mephisto tank.

This 3D data also provides forensic experts useful information for ballistic analysis, perhaps bridging the gap surrounding questions of what caused the Mephisto’s battle scars in Villers-Bretonneux.

Queensland Museum Theatre, level 2.

Griffith University PhD Candidate and Technical Officer Chris Little has more than 15 years experience in 3D scanning, in particular with forensic crime scenes and heritage preservation.Join Chris as he reveals Mephisto’s fascinating history using state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology.His research aims to create a complete and accurate 3D data set of Mephisto, developing an interactive virtual display, while also using advanced forensic software to create a ballistic analysis and locate the tank back in its original position in Villers-Bretonneux.During his career, Chris has worked with the New South Wales Police and as an expert witness in court matters which involved 3D data for evidence and analysis. He has also been a guest speaker at many international conferences and holds degrees in Built Environment, Architectural Technology and Civil Engineering.

Queensland Museum

Queensland Museum & Science Centre, Grey Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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