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Game Designer’s Apprentice, Afternoon Workshop

12/03/2016 QUT Gardens Point
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QUT Gardens Point


QUT, George Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia




13:00 - 15:00


Adult: $15 Concession: $13.50
Truna Participant Truna
Christy Dena Participant Christy Dena

Girl apprentices will have the chance to learn about game design, taught by some of our own leading women in game development. Games have become powerful tools in contemporary society and can be made for entertainment, training, cooperative play, and social change. This is an opportunity for you to gain hands on experience and imagine what it would be like to pursue a career in this increasingly diverse industry. What are you interested in creating? Whether you play all the time or not, if you’re interested in how to design games, sign up! This Apprentice Program is designed to inspire and encourage girls to consider a career in a traditionally male dominated industry.

Recommended for ages 16+
Workshop capacity: 20 people

The Game Designer’s Apprentice is proudly presented in conjunction with QUT.

Meet the Mentors

Interaction & Visual Design (IVD), School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology
Truna aka J.Turner is a game and interaction design educator and researcher from Brisbane, Australia. She has a background in art, anthropology, critical pedagogy and design with a little bit of AI and linguistics on the side. She approaches design as a critical literacy activity and focuses on the software as material culture. She researches and publishes work on spatial representation, maps, culture and game design and makes game works that explore cultural perspectives.

Truna is active in the game making sector and a keen supporter of exploring the potential of digital games to make meaning and tell stories. She is the Brisbane International Game Developers Association (IGDA) chapter auntie, co-director of the Game On public program and the Game On [423] indie games community symposium and founder of the 48 hour game making challenge

Christy Dena
SAE QANTM and Universe Creation 101
Christy Dena is a writer-designer-director who has worked on award-winning pervasive games, film, digital and theatre projects. Clients include Nokia, Cisco/No Mimes Media, ABC, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Noah Falstein, Ken Eklund & Agency of Coney, and many more. She is co-founder and co-director of the lab for storytellers working in tech, Forward Slash Story, with Lance Weiler.  She is Senior Lecturer in Games at SAE QANTM; a Member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmys); Board Member of the Entertainment Technology Press (ETC); and Professor Adjunct at Creative Industries, QUT.


QUT Gardens Point

QUT, George Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia