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Dr Karl for Kids

12/03/2016 Festival Lab

Free Event

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Festival Lab


Cultural Forecourt, Melbourne Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia




10:00 - 11:00


Dr Rob Bell Moderator Dr Rob Bell
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Speaker Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Join renowned science personality Dr Karl Kruszelnicki as we investigate the real science behind some of the mysteries of life.

How do Aeroplanes stay up?  Why do I look the same as my family – but different? What makes the sky blue?

Hosted by Scope presenter and mad scientist Dr Rob this is the chance for kids and parents to get the real answers to their burning questions. Be it medical, chemical, physical, technological, astrophysical or astronomical!

Bring along your questions and Dr Karl will provide the science to explain them in a language your kids (and you!) will understand.

This event is suitable for children  7 to  13 years and their families, you can submit a question prior to the event here.

Meet the Speakers

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
is a well-known Australian science communicator who is best known as an author and science commentator on Australian radio and television.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics, a Master of Biomedical Engineering, and a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. He has studied Computer Science as well as reading for a Master of Science (Qualifying) degree in Astrophysics.

Dr Rob has a Bachelor of Science with Honours and a PhD in materials chemistry from the University of Queensland. He works as a Science Education Officer for CSIRO and hosts the network Ten kids science show: SCOPE.

Free Event

Festival Lab

Cultural Forecourt, Melbourne Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia