Atomic Kids! Morning workshop – SOLD OUT
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13 March 2016 Queensland Museum


Queensland Museum


Queensland Museum & Science Centre, Grey Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


13 March 2016




Adult: Accompanying adults free of charge. Concession: SOLD OUT
Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart


Ian Stuart

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Atomic Kids is SOLD OUT

In this hands-on workshop, students discover atoms and molecules – the tiny building blocks of everything around us. They will explore and physically feel different elements including gold, zinc, carbon, hydrogen and helium, interpret the Periodic Table (which is a kind of alphabet of the universe), construct models of molecules, devise their own chemical formulas, discover what makes certain chemicals react, get hands-on with chemical reactions and watch some chemicals explode in front of their very eyes.

Explore the microscopic world of atoms.

The everyday world that we can see and touch, is connected to an invisible microscopic world of astonishingly small atoms. Atomic Theory explores this microscopic world.

Atomic Theory is seen by many as science’s biggest idea and is the key concept that unlocks the rest of the sciences. It is based around the notion that all matter is made up of tiny invisible particles known as atoms. Everyone, including primary school students, can understand Atomic Theory. If learnt early, this understanding can give your child a head start in their science education.

Australian scientists have made discoveries that have changed the world – now it’s time to inspire our next generation!

Suitable for ages 9 – 12.

Facilitator Ian Stuart is a science teacher who has adapted the teaching of Atomic Theory to younger children. Ian presented sold out workshops at Queensland Museum in 2014 and 2015, has been featured on the ABC's 7.30 Report and presented at the University of Melbourne's Festival of Ideas. Ian’s programs are being implemented in a number of Queensland primary schools as well as elementary schools in the Philippines.

Queensland Museum

Queensland Museum & Science Centre, Grey Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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