Draft events for 2019 program release

This is a draft page, hidden from the public.

  • All SOLD OUT events are QTIX events that are not currently live. Once they are live on the QTIX site, the date and time will appear and SOLD OUT will change to “Get tickets” on our site.
  • Events are in no particular order on this page, they are there in one place for easy reference
  • The events that appear black are missing their hero image
  • Some events are not complete – please refer to the document in the ticketing folder so see notes about what information is outstanding
  • if there are changes to a completed event, please use the service desk request to request the change (this includes providing the url to the individual event e.g.  http://www.worldsciencefestival.com.au/program/events/cabah-when-science-meets-art/)






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